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Domovoice is a unique service for quickly creating unique fairy tales in text and audio formats. With the help of AI, the stories are adapted to the child's interests, making each piece special.
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Your child will be thrilled with adventures where they become the main hero alongside their character!

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The Bear Cub's Big Discovery.
Mike was a curious bear cub who loved exploring his kingdom. One day, while wandering through the forest, he discovered something unusual. All the honey in the kingdom was gone! Mike knew how important honey was to everyone in the kingdom, so he decided to investigate.
John: The Path of a Little Hero
Once upon a time, in a small village nestled amongst the mountains, there lived a young boy named John. As he roamed the village streets, he heard whispers of a mystical wizard who lived in a nearby cave. Curious and adventurous, John decided to seek out this wizard and discover the secrets of his magic. As he approached the cave, he heard a soft voice calling out to him. It was the wizard!
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  • "Domovoice has turned ordinary evenings with my child into real magic! Creating stories together and listening to them has become our favorite bedtime tradition."
    mother of 5-year-old Alice.
  • "My daughter, Anya, loves creating her own stories and listening to them before bedtime. I love that she expresses her creativity and builds her own universe."
    mother of 7-year-old Anya.
  • "Domovoice has been a lifesaver for me :) When I can't come up with a new story for my son, I simply create one using the service. He's thrilled with the adventures of his character!"
    father of 4-year-old Maxim.
  • "Domovoice has become our indispensable travel companion. When we're on the go, my daughter, Sophia, can listen to stories on her phone. It helps make the trip peaceful!"
    mother of 6-year-old Sophia.
  • "The story creator is so easy to use that even our grandmother is charmed by Domovoice! Now she can share her own stories with her grandchildren, based on their interests. It's a wonderful way to spend time together and create unforgettable moments!"
    grandmother of Alexander and Daria.
  • "Domovoice is the perfect solution for our bilingual family! We and our children enjoy stories in multiple languages, which helps develop language skills and cultural understanding. We've fallen in love with this service!"
    father of 8-year-old Tom and 5-year-old Lucy.
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